With the second monitor enabled, but with only a web browser open on it, transfer rates were much better and the file took 1m 57s to copy. Where were you able to find the windows 7 drivers? Once installed, your Mac will recognize it as it would any additional display. All of the ports are in the back of the device, with the exception of the USB cable that plugs into your laptop or computer, which is on the front. When I last looked at the HP website, they only had vista drivers listed.

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It’s a neat and convenient way of working. Your email address will not be published. For the average user who might use the same computer at work or home this means they can quickly start their day with a single cable connection. In this review we find dodking hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x easy it is to set up this docking station and if it really simplifies our day-to-day activities.

HP USB Docking Station Review

Flash inside a web browser fared better, including embedded video sites such as YouTube or Hulu. I bought this when Hetnn-s02x was still running XP and love it.

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If you normally attach an external drive for regular backups, using this docking station would lengthen the time required to copy files over. The images are pretty crisp, but the refresh rate is not optimal. The installation utility installs the drivers for all parts of the docking station, including the network connection, audio jacks, and display adapter.

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I could not have been more doking with the set up on Hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x XP.

HP USB Docking Station | eBay

The DisplayLink adaptor here only supports monitors with a statiob resolution of 1,x1, Once the driver’s installed you can enable a second monitor in Windows, as though it was directly connected to an output on your laptop.

If your laptop’s your sole computer, you’ll hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x the hassle of having to plug in a myriad range of cables when you get stqtion to your desk in order to connect an external keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals.

We’ll bring you a review of that soon.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Where did you find the driver for Mac? Running a display over a USB connection isn’t without its limitations. It is super easy to use. All media players dragged from my primary notebook display onto the external screen would freeze or stutter immediately.

With a single USB connection you can connect external speakers, an additional display, network cable, and four USB devices. This means display settings can be tweaked regularly by going to system preferences and clicking displays.

I connected it to an Acer Jstnn-s02x One Netbook. I followed the installation prompts and within hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x all the HP USB Dock features were ready to start playing around with. The quality when watching a DVD on the hstjn-s02x monitor is a little less than perfect.


As with a ‘real’ display, you can either mirror your laptop’s display or extend the desktop. Whenever you have the docking station plugged into your system a application sits in the system tray that gives you quick access to the display options to change the resolution and other attributes. Enabling the Docking Station’s graphics adaptor and playing a YouTube hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x on the second screen, the file transfer took a massive 7m 5s and the video occasionally got very jerky.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pushing all of this data through a single USB connection does have its downsides, with limited video playback support and much slower USB transfer speeds. Overall, the set-up hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x pretty pain free. Most users will probably not be able to tell. That said, Toshiba’s similary-priced Dynadock U10 supports resolution of up to 1,x1, Switching to the Docking Station’s adaptor without a monitor enabled, the file was copied in 1m 45s.

The design of the Docking Hp usb docking station hstnn-s02x is very nice.