Sup port for interfaces in the java. Wo rking with TimesTen result sets: Maximum possible number of elements in the associative array. For built-in procedures that return results, you can use the get XXX methods of the ResultSet interface to retrieve the data, as demonstrated in Example This following topics are covered here: Example Exe cuting a query. Access control privileges are checked both when SQL is prepared and when it is executed in the database, with most of the performance cost coming at prepare time.

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Traditional TimesTen mode, as in earlier releases, where multiple instances of the same parameter name are considered to be multiple occurrences of the same parameter. In either case, each occurrence still has a distinct parameter position tiemsten. This is the standard method as specified in the CallableStatement interface:. In the event of a warning, output parameters timesten jdbc undefined.

For timesten jdbc working example, see the level1 demo. It includes the following topics:. For timesten jdbc particular statement, you can override the SqlQueryTimeout setting by calling the Statement method setQueryTimeout.

Takes a String object in Java 5. To use a synonym you must have appropriate privileges to access the underlying object. For performance reasons, this is especially important for result sets used for both read and update operations and for result sets used in pooled connections. LOBs may be either persistent or temporary. This eliminates the need for a subsequent SELECT statement and separate round trip, in case, for example, you want to confirm timesten jdbc was affected by the action.

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Stat ement There are no restrictions.

Working with TimesTen Databases in JDBC

Table JDBC default timesten jdbc for associative array elements. See the level1 demo for a working example.

Post as a guest Name. If, in a failover situation, an application attempts to use objects created on the failed connection, then JDBC will throw a SQL exception. A transaction rollback timesten jdbc resources and the entire transaction is in effect wasted.

With Serializable isolation level, the default is timesten jdbc You must specify the parameter by position. In this mode, you can optionally specify replication tracks.

Timesten – JDBC

Timesten jdbc addition, some methods and built-in procedures return TimesTen data in the form of a ResultSet object. This section discusses general TimesTen JDBC features related to client failover, as well as functionality relating specifically to pooled timestne.

This section describes what you should know timesten jdbc using ResultSet objects from TimesTen. For any subsequent occurrence of a given parameter name, the application has the following choices.


(Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Connection conn; CallableStatement cStmt; Generally, timesten jdbc higher value may result in better performance for larger result sets, at the expense of slightly higher resource use.

Binding is based on the timesten jdbc of the first occurrence of a parameter name.

FailoverTypewhich is an enumeration type. Connection conn; Statement stmt; Example Exe cuting a query.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

The getReturnResultSet method must not be invoked more than once. It returns data in UTF encoding. Data baseMetaData There are no restrictions. TimesTen offers two ways to limit the time for SQL statements to execute, applying to timesten jdbc executeexecuteBatchexecuteQueryexecuteUpdate timesten jdbc, or next call. In some cases, such as with a process failure, an error cannot be returned, so TimesTen automatically rolls back the transactions of timesten jdbc failed process.